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Lightroom presets help you achieve a professional result in just seconds. With the right presets, you can have your photos progress from “Aha” to “Oh Wow” in just a few clicks. Whether you are just starting out or work as a professional photographer: with our high-quality presets you will be able to squeeze the highest quality out of your images and take them to the next level. Easy and uncomplicated!





We at COLOR REBELS ensure that your image processing process is as efficient as possible. We will show you how to integrate a professional ColorGrading workflow with just one click. Like this you will have more time to be creative again.

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We have compiled the best Lightroom Presets for portrait, fashion and wedding photos in an overview. You will also find a selection of lightroom develop presets for street photography, travel and landscape photos. Just send us an email and tell us which looks are still missing.
We’re looking forward to it.



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The best lightroom presets for portraits

Do you want portraits that will be oggled by everyone? Portraits often only become real eye-catchers with the right editing. Each portrait photo has a different look and every photographer has his own style. Our portrait presets are designed to help you put every single photo into the best light.

There are many decisive factors which have to be taken into account for presets, particularly in the case of people photography. We place special emphasis on balanced and genuine skintones for all portrait presets. No matter whether you’re looking for vintage portraits, a fashion shooting or a simply really nice-looking portrait presets, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Vintage film style summer photos

Analog photography has seen a real comeback in the last few years. Leica cameras, of course, are at the forefront. But honestly… who would not like to start the next Roadtrip with a Leica in their backpack? Instagram has also contributed to pioneering and hype the retro filters. But not everyone wants to run around with a film roll in the bag or to accept the quality restrictions of bad filters.

Analog Film Lightroom Presets make the film look possible, no matter which style your are trying to recreate. Starting with a classic like the Kodak Porta 160 or an AgfaPortrait XPS 160, you can try a number of image styles and apply them easily. Just try some of our free movie presets and be creative!

Perfect wedding photos with presets

There are many wedding photographers out there and it is time to stand out from the rest. Having a selection of matching image styles at hand is also an advantage for wedding shoots. After all, you want to create a breathtaking photo galery that records the most important day of someones life. Work hours and picture quality are decisive.

Presets for wedding, couple or engagement shootings have a very special character and should show people in a soft, pleasant and sunny look. You will find one or the other suitable preset for your next event in our free selection.

Crafting an Instagram Theme in Lightroom

Some photographers and influencers have perfected their Instagram feed to such an extent that not only every single image is a real eye-catcher, but all images together create a true work of art. This is called an “Instagram Theme,” a continuous theme that is not only limited to the image content, but also to the color selection and the editing of the whole Instagram feed.

Lightroom is the program of choice to perfectly match all images. The processing depth goes far beyond that of conventional smartphone apps. In this way, you can create a stringent influencer look and elevate your account to the next level.

Epic landscape photos on the road

Impressive landscapes have again found many new fans among young photographers. Travel photography has become a real lifestyle. We can understand this, because what could be better than waiting for the golden hour on a mountain peak and deliver some really good sunset shots? There is hardly anything more epic.

Landscape photos often contain a lot of untapped potential without proper postprocessing. We have something for you: A small but fine selection of free lightroom presets for landscape and travel photography. Like this you will finally be able to enjoy the sunset as well! Try it in any case!



Are the presets free?

You can download and use all Lightroom Presets on this page for free. Without restrictions. No matter whether private or commercial. Just click the download button, import the preset and get started.


Why should I use presets?

High-quality templates speed up your image processing and unlock the full potential of your images with just one click. You can try many looks in a few seconds until you find one that suits your style.


What software do I need?

The presets work with all common Lightroom versions and are suitable for the standalone versions as well as the Lightroom app from the Creative Cloud. The presets were tested with Lightroom version 4 and above.


How do I install the presets?

You can either store the presets in the folder provided in the “Adobe Library”, or simply import them directly into Lightroom. To do this, you have to use the “Develop” mode and select the “Import” field by right-clicking.


I am a beginner. Will presets help me at all?

Yes, absolutely. Presets can be used without prior knowledge to achieve really great results. And this in no time at all. The best thing about presets is that you can tailor them to your style and thus always learn something new at the same time about editing.


What images can I edit with the presets?

Our COLOR REBEL presets are compatible with all popular formats such as JPEG and RAW. You can work with professional DSLR images as well as with smartphone or drone shots. For the best quality, we recommend the RAW file format.


What presets does my favorite photographer use?

We are always on the lookout for new photo trends and adjust our Presets and Bundles constantly. Send us an email and tell us what you are looking for, if you are looking for the style of a certain photographer. We help wherever we can.


Can you let me know if there are new freebies?

Of course. We are expanding our bundles all the time and will gladly let you know if there are new free downloads. Just subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive another super freebie. 🙂