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Free Luts by Color Rebels
Professional color grading made easy

It is our mission to simplify the complicated process of high end color grading and make it accessible for everybody. We believe that you should be spending your time shooting new projects instead of tweaking colors all day long. So we decided to do that for you.

Our color grading Lut packages are designed to get the best out of your shots and give you immediate results within seconds. Our color grading bundles offer you individually developed LUTs for a variety of applications like cinematic movies, portraits, YouTube Videos, Travel Films and of course subtle grades for commercial work.

Get 3 Free Luts now!

Premium color grading presets used by professionals

Our color grading Luts are the result of years of experience. All our Luts have been designed by professional filmmakers and  have been tested in the field while working on commercial projects. Luts are not only an amazing tool for beginners but also a huge timesaver for professionals. Having a bunch of styles available to try on different scenes takes out the guesswork and massively speeds up the creatives process.

Smart 3D LUTs for an effective workflow

Our smart 3D Lut file contain a series of mathematical instructions to create each specific look withins seconds. All our Luts are designed with the highest attention to detail and perform accurate color replacements according to the style you choose.

Subtle Grades for commercial work

Apply the look of professional beauty and fashion commercials or recreate the subtle yet cinematic look of your favorite car commercial. We already did the job for you! Color Rebel Luts will help you to take your project to the next level and overwhelm your customers with stunning results and a fast turnaround time.

Create a cinematic look in seconds

Contrasty Cinematic grades grades and punchy Teal-and-Orange Luts. Those looks are not only the “weapon of choice” for your action packed movie, but also for your latest travel video. Choose from a series of cinematic 3D Luts for your next project.  We know that you will love them.

Take your travel videos to a new level

Capturing unseen travel memories is much more than filmmaking. It is a lifestyle. If you want to take your travel movies to the next level with stunning cinematic color grades –  we got you covered. Our travel film Luts amaze with nicely tweaked greens and oranges as well as perfectly bright and saturated blue colors. Don’t let your travel filmes get lost in crowd. Make a difference.

Unleash the power of your drone footage

All the pilots out there – We got you covered! Color grading aerial drone footage never was that easy. Besides our stylistic Luts we include of drone-optimised Luts for D-Log and cinelike-D footage. Get the most out of your DJI drone with ease.

Perfect skin tones for your YouTube videos

What about Vlogs? What about Reviews? And what about Interviews? Our YouTube Luts contain subtle color corrections for a professional look while preserving great skin colors. The persons in your videos are the point of interest, so don’t let bad skin colors ruin your shot. We make sure that you can choose the right grade to emphasize the mood of your channel.

Work less. Create more. 

You can save hundreds of hours by taking out the guesswork of color grading and try a lot of looks in no time. Show your client different color grading options without spending hours. There is no need to interrupt your workflow to apply a color grade anymore. You can simply add a Lut while cutting and you will instantly get a better vision of your final edit.

Develop photos in Lightroom or Photoshop

Use our video Luts to create breathtaking stills. It is very easy to create cinematic edits with our Color Rebels Luts. All Luts have full support for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Just like Lightroom Presets you can simply apply them within the application of choice.

Maximum compatibility with your editing software

Color Rebels Luts fully integrate into your software of choice. You can now use the full potential of our high end grades without even changing your workflow. It is so simple, you won’t even recognise it. Our 3D Luts integrate into almost all the latest photo and video editing applications on the market.

Unleash your full potential

Don’t get stuck among all the others and take your craft to the next level. Our high-end grades are developed to make your footage look amazing. Thousands of mathematical instructions per Lut make sure to get the most out of your shots. Don’t waste anymore time and take your color game one step further. Your clients and your audience will love it.

Designed for Drones

These are not just some video LUTs. These color grading presets are designed with the purpose to make aerial drone videos look amazing. We paid special attention to the DJI picture profiles for maximum dynamic range.

Fast color grading

Color grading presets will save you tons of time. Simply choose your favorite preset and apply the LUT to your video footage.  Instead of spending hours on color corrections you can now use the time to fly your drone. Get out there and get creative!

Professional color adjustments

All LUTs are designed for the flat picture profile D-Log to get the maximum out of each single shot. The color presets are composed with highest attention to details to make your shots look as professional as possible.














These color presets can be used with almost any photo and video editing application such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X or Sony Vegas.